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Readings on Kenya’s Transition to Independence for April 5/6

The Origins of Mau Mau african americans and mau mau Ngugi and Kenyan History Who Benefited From the Million Acre Scheme? Advertisements

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Readings on British Colonialism in Kenya

Kikuyu women Harry Thuku Harry Thuku helped found the Young Kikuyu Association, an anti-colonial group. While reading this article, consider how women were oppressed by colonialism. maintenance of law and order What does law and order mean in the colonial … Continue reading

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Readings on Post Civil Rights March 8/9

Carefully reread everything on desegregation! Predictors of Positive Civil Rights attitudes (2006) The progress of black americans in civil rights (1978) US. Census Bureau, (2011) Income, Income Inequality, “US Neighborhood Income Inequality in the 2005-2009 period. browse the following.

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Readings on Desegregation in Arkansas

Randy Finley (2006), “Crossing the White Line: SNCC in Three Delta Towns 1963-1967,” The Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Vol. 65, 2: 116-137. Crossing the White Line Neil R. McMillen, “White Citizens’ Council and Resistance to School Desegregation in Arkansas,” The Arkansas … Continue reading

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Readings on Jim Crow in Arkansas

Slavery by Another Name A brief period of Black empowerment (“Reconstruction”) took place after the Civil War. Unfortunately, by the late 1880s, the situation had worsened, and near slavery conditions taken back hold in the South. This article explores convict … Continue reading

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Interlude 1: Gandhi’s Impact on Civil Rights (Feb 16/17)

Black Ghandi Vijay Prashad is a cult scholar, with a fan following as large as some rock bands. He explores non-violent resistance versus violence as a strategy, and some of the debates around it. This article also exposes some of … Continue reading

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Readings on India after Independence, and beyond . . . (Feb 9/10)

These are the only readings you are responsible for this week. I will put the interlude readings in another week, and revise the syllabus. India- After Independence This reading clearly addresses the “aftermath” of decolonization in India. India in the … Continue reading

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