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What does a “Fortune Cookie” fortune look like?

This week’s (The first week of May) journal assignment is to write a journal of the kind you would find in a Chinese fortune cookie.The reading is from Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize winning economist, from the book, Development as Freedom. … Continue reading

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Class 15: Final Class May 10/11

Dear students There is no reading for the final classes on May 10/11. Each team will present. There will be 360 degree grading. In other words, your colleagues will assist me in grading you. So make it fun! WMB  

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Readings for May 3/4-Development as Freedom

Conclusion: Development as Freedom Kellen Utecht group presents Discussion of Social Change Amartya Sen, (2000) Development as Freedom, Knopf: New York. (4 chapters only) Intro, Chapter 1, chapter on famines, chapter on women and social change.

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Study Group Questions on Egypt. Updated April 24, 2012

Study Group Questions by Friday’s Class 1. Why did the protests and unrest in Egypt in the mid-1990s and the protest and unrest in 2010-2011 lead to very different outcomes? What was different in the causes, the mediums for communication, … Continue reading

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Readings on Egypt April 27th/28th

These readings were selected by the Friday class. Citation: Alterman, J.B. (2011). Egypt: Stable, but for how long? The Washington Quarterly, 23, 4, 107–118. Author note: Jon B. Alterman holds the Zbigniew Brzezinski Chair in Global Security and Geostrategy and is director … Continue reading

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Study Group Questions about Tunisia

Questions developed by Thursday’s class Given the structural differences in Tunisia and Egypt, how has the Arab Spring affected women’s experiences in both countries in relation to education? What is the influence of Islam on the protests and opposition to … Continue reading

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Readings on Tunisia for April 19/20

Achy, L. (2011, December). Tunisia’s economic challenges. Carnegie Endowment.. Retrieved December 2011, from Megahed, N., & Lack, S. (2011). Colonial legacy, women’s rights and gender-educational inequality in the Arab World with particular reference to Egypt and Tunisia. International Review … Continue reading

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