What does a “Fortune Cookie” fortune look like?

This week’s (The first week of May) journal assignment is to write a journal of the kind you would find in a Chinese fortune cookie.The reading is from Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize winning economist, from the book, Development as Freedom.

Here is a picture of a fortune. I like this one!


Sydney gave us a great kick off! Thanks Sydney! Check out her awesome form, her deep insights, her pithy wisdom, her brevity! Now that is what I’m talkin’ about!

Do not seek wealth, as it is only a means to an end. Wealth cannot buy freedom.

Here are some samples from actual fortune cookies!

A warm smile is testimony of a generous nature. 

If you continually give, you will continually have.

Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos.

If you don’t do it excellently, don’t do it at all.

“You are free to invent your life.”

A little bit on the history of fortune cookies.

Most of us enjoy Chinese food, but what we enjoy even more are the fortune cookies that we get at the end of the meal! Whether we actually eat the almond or vanilla flavored cookie is not important, what matters to most of us is the small paper inside with either a prediction or a saying. Whether they are inspirational quotes, funny quotes or romantic fortune cookie sayings, we all love reading them!

What’s even more interesting to know is that these sayings were not even created in China! There are two versions on the origin of fortune cookies. Some say that these sayings were invented in California, U.S.A. by a man named David Jung who owned the Hong Kong Noodle company. He began serving cookies with biblical sayings in them. Another version claims that fortune cookies were made in Japan. Researchers have gathered information which shows a man, in a picture book from the nineteenth century, making cookies. Well, wherever it was created and whoever made it, we all love them! (From Buzzle.com. Note, this is not proper citation form)

And here is one that makes me feel good!

Dear God, please give me the strength to change the things I can, the grace to accept the things I cannot, and a great big bag of money.

Enjoy, and do try to be deep, insightful, thoughtful or at a minimum, very funny.


P.S. Stan Luker made this one, graphics and all!


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21 Responses to What does a “Fortune Cookie” fortune look like?

  1. Britney Sink says:

    Here goes my first ever try at writing a fortune! It is specifically in relation to the chapter on women.

    Take heed in your agency, for your future is our future. Your freedom, ours.

  2. Britney, great use of the antique style of writing. Reminds me of Ecclesiastes, my favorite book in the Bible!

  3. Leslie H. says:

    Wow, Britney! I love yours! Mine relates to the chapter on famine.

    If the king feasts while the fishermen starve, the gate to freedom is locked.

  4. Nuno Solano de Almeida says:

    there are no fair prices, only real needs.

  5. Veena says:

    Let us all agree our most important goal is to feed our people, no matter our other differences.

  6. Leslie, very deep. I am impressed.

  7. andreadp12 says:

    Your hunger is my hunger and my freedom is yours.

    • Christine says:

      My fortune is based on the famine chapter. I tried to capture the role of democracy, food insecurity and the markets.

      Economic insecurity leaves people hungry for democracy

  8. jessonnf says:

    You can build a country with financial clout, but you cannot sit on it for long.

  9. Mitchell Adams says:

    Wealth will allow you to buy your food, freedom will allow you to eat it

  10. Matt Lyon says:

    It is the wise and benevolent ruler that sees human development as national development.

  11. Trish says:

    Don’t forget, grasshopper, when the rain falls it doesn’t fall on one man’s house.

  12. Russell Carey says:

    Money is only worth what it can buy. Seek freedom instead.
    Lucky numbers: 9 7 80 38 57 20 274

  13. John Vollertsen says:

    Freedom must happen on the inside before it can happen on the outside. The same with development.

  14. Billie Jean Thomas says:

    Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.

  15. Rebecca Scissors says:

    Look beyond your bank account balance to see your true opportunity for happiness and freedom.

  16. Dylan B. says:

    The smoke has cleared,
    is war, peace, revolution,
    just an endless waltz?

  17. Dylan B. says:

    Be weary of a strong GDP. While often celebrated, they alone do not often ensure individual freedoms.

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