Consensus Changes to DoSC Class April, 2012

Dear Class

Last Thursday and Friday, we did some work around liberating structures to give me feedback on how to improve the class THIS semester: a.k.a. how to implement social change and accountability,  in this class!

Interestingly, Thursday and Friday classes wanted slightly different things.

Here is my list on changes we agreed on.

1. Explore more regarding tactics, strategies, and dynamics of social change.

  • 1, 2, 4 method at end of class seemed to work for this.
  • Also, we will do some wrap up and cross case analysis in final class

2. Participation in class discussion is now voluntary.


3. More speakers

  • I have made some calls

4. More lecturing, facilitated discussion, macro level view, synthesis.

  • I will lecture more in an interactive way

5. Let class discussion go on longer, be less tied to readings.

  • Done.

6. Do not be condescending or belittling.

  • Will be more sensitive.

7. Each student starts class with 2 sentences of what they found interesting in the readings.

  • Great idea! Helps with request #1.

8. Decrease number of readings.

  • Read intro, chapter 1, chapter on famine, and on women and social change in sen’s book. The rest is optional.

9. Small group discussions.

  • 1, 2, 4 helps with this.



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