Study Questions on Kenya’s Transition to Independence for April 5/6

Here are some things to consider regarding this week’s reading.

1. Who did you think the Mau Mau were before you did this set of reading? How did your view change?

2. Think back to the Indian case. What were the economic factors that helped push to decolonization? What were these economic factors in Kenya?

3. Would a non-violent independence movement have worked in Kenya, given that Kenya was much more heavily colonized than India, and that settlers loved the refrain, “Kenya is a white man’s country.”?

4. Multiple versions of the Land and Freedom Army, otherwise known as the Mau Mau, are presented in these readings. Which ones ring true, and why?

5. How did Kenyatta rise to power?

6. What happened in the transition to Independence. Who won and who lost?




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