Study Group Questions for Desegregation

1. Do you see similarities in tactics and strategies between the Indian decolonization movement and the civil rights movement? What was the same? What was different?

2. Why did whites resist desegregation in Arkansas so hard? What was their motivation? What tactics did they use to resist?

2a. Some people called arkansas the bright spot of the south with regards to desegregation. Discuss the good and the bad in arkansas desegregation. Draw out details.

3. What was the role of students in desegregating Arkansas? Was this a leaderless movement, or were their clearly defined leaders?

4. How did Blacks and Whites work together to desegregate Arkansas?

5. Some people say that Eisenhower’s decision to call out the 101st airborne averted another civil war. Why did Eisenhower have to call out these troops? What was at stake? What might have happened if he did not call out the troops?



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