Study Group Questions for India Post Independence

Here are a few study group questions. Some may require a bit of outside research.

1. What was the relationship between Independence and the creation of Pakistan?

2. Was the creation of Pakistan inevitable? What went wrong or right in the forging of the new nations of India and Pakistan?

3. Who were the first three presidents of an Independent India?

4. What do you make of the fact that India has had a female leader? Who was she? What was her name?

5. How has India been able to craft a democracy out of such a populous and diverse nation?

6. Did colonialism help or cripple India? Justify your answer.

7. Did colonialism have a beneficial or negative impact on India’s development? Justify your answer.

8. Who is the current president of India?

9. Does India have a parliamentary system? Are elections in India done by a first past the post method (single member districts), or do they use party lists, or do they have a mixed system? Describe.

10. What do you think of the massive disparities of wealth in India? Do they have anything to do with democracy?



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