Music for Social Change: interactive post

Social change is about more than protests, or intellectuals writing tracts.

Music can be a very powerful way (the most powerful way?) of communicating the message of liberation.

Furthermore, music can link movements across time and space, creating some really powerful effects. Songs can rally people to action, connect people across different ages and races, and remind you why you are in this activism gig in the first place.

The list is probably endless, but let’s get started. Comment (totally optional) with your own suggestions.

Songs of Slavery, an adorable video by Latino students. My southern grandmother (white/activist) used to sing me many of these songs when I was a child.

Mahalia Jackson, We Shall Overcome, The US Civil Rights Movement

Guantanamera, the Essence of the Cuban Revolution, Pete Seeger.

Zimbabwe, who else, but he the prophet, Bob Marley (this song meant a lot to me coming up at the end of Apartheid)

Sout El Horeya, Egyptian Revolution, Sung by American Students (brings tears to my eyes)

Some snippets of music challenging the Moroccan Regime, using the vehicle of Rap Music! (Arab Spring)

Rapper’s Imprisonment Tests Moroccan Reforms



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2 Responses to Music for Social Change: interactive post

  1. Sydney Shearer says:

    Check out the Stax Museum in Memphis ( This museum was home to the Stax Recording Studio in Memphis where a ton of great musicians recorded (Otis Redding, Booker T. & the MGs, Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, etc.). The hay day of the studio was during the Civil Rights movement in Memphis and much of the music documents this period of social change. I love this museum and would definitely recommend that everyone check it out if you are in Memphis!

  2. Dear Sydney, I have been meaning to go to the Stax Museum. Must get out there! WMB

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