Computer Policy for Dynamics of Social Change

Unplug from the Matrix and reconnect with yourself


Dear students

I have decided to reinforce and reassert, and indeed further harden, my computer policy. I would like no computers in the classroom. Please print out the readings and bring them with you if you would like to refer to them during the discussion. I have created a lovely binder to do just that for myself.

I want us to be mindful in class, and learn how to have a high level dialogue and discussion. Computers interfere with that.

I am an environmentalist, and I am also an expert on information technology. (Wrote my dissertation on it. . . ) Sometimes, we need to focus, and talk to the person next to us, not look at a screen. If you are worried about paper, recycle. Or, create a binder which is effectively your textbook for the semester.

Many thanks, and this is not open to negotiation, so you can stop asking me about it.

Sincerely, Dr. Bowman


About warigiabowman

Mom. Professor. Coyote.
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