Class is a “Salon” and I am the Hostess/Guru/Sensei

In the Salon of Madame Geoffrin 1755

“Salons are informal gatherings where people talk big talk, talk meant to be listened to and perhaps passionately acted upon. Salons are incubators where ideas are conceived, gestated, and hatched… Salons are the frontiers of social and cultural change…They’ve been flourishing since ancient Greece.”

Salon du Muse

The History and Meaning of Salons

Cheers! ~WMB


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2 Responses to Class is a “Salon” and I am the Hostess/Guru/Sensei

  1. Leslie says:

    I love the idea that “class is a salon.” That is a great way of describing the dynamic I believe you hope to create in our discussions. I know it is difficult for some of us to be at peace with ambiguity and a lack of right or wrong answers; I definitely had to make that adjustment when I started law school last year. I hated the feeling of ambiguity in the classroom, but I learned to be at peace with it and even embrace the freedom it brings because depending on one’s perspective, more than one point of view can be persuasively presented. I think our class will settle in to this style after a few weeks. The concept of a “salon” is just much different than undergraduate classes and the MPS classes we had last semester. Thank you for your patience as we adjust; I think the discussions will evolve and deepen once we get through this adjustment period.

    • Dear Leslie, thank you very very much. I love your acceptance of ambiguity. Thank you for your patience with me as I adjust from life in Cairo to life in Little Rock. Overall, the discussions are going great. WMB

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