Study Group Questions for Readings on Indian decolonization

Dear students

As per your request, I am providing questions to help you get the most out of the readings. Please discuss these questions in your study groups.

1. Why was Gandhi so beloved by the Indian people?
2. What impact did Gandhi’s experience in England and South Africa have on making him a leader in India?
3. What does Satygraha mean? What is its significance? Describe some aspects of this approach.
4. What was the significance of the spinning wheel and the loin cloth to Gandhi and his followers? They have multiple meanings, think of some of them.
5. Gandhi fasted many times in his life. What were some of the reasons that Gandhi fasted? What was the last fast?
6.  How were social relations in the cities conducted? How did they change over time?
7. Where are Ahmedabad, Madras, Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay located inside of India?
8. Name and describe two or three ways in which British colonialism affected the Indian city?
9. Relying on this week’s reading and last week’s as well, what was India’s significance to Britain economically?
10. What was the “triple imperial commitment”?
11. Relying on all the readings, What factors caused Indian decolonization (military, administrative, religious, economic, etc)?
12. What, if any was the relationship between Indian decolonization and other anti-colonial movements? (Hint, Britain had other colonies, including Ireland)
13. Relying on all the readings, discuss the Muslim-Hindu tension that resulted eventually in the creation of Pakistan.
14. What is “nationalism”?
15. What was the ‘Raj”?

Enjoy! WMB


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