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Study Group Questions for Readings on Indian decolonization

Dear students As per your request, I am providing questions to help you get the most out of the readings. Please discuss these questions in your study groups. 1. Why was Gandhi so beloved by the Indian people? 2. What … Continue reading

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Readings for Class on Gandhi, Nonviolence, and the Struggle for Independence

Here are the readings for what is currently class #3. (Obituary of Gandhi) India’s Theater of Independence The economics of decolonization in India India’s Independence in International Perspective Decolonization in India- The Statement of Febraury 20, 1947

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Provisional Syllabus, January 20, 2012

Dear students Here is the syllabus as it currently stands. I reserve the right to make edits, or add or subtract material as necessary. Bowman Syllabus.Dynamics of Social Change.2012 Thanks, WMB

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Readings Class 1: Introductory Class, and British in Colonial India

India colonialism 2 Douglas M. Peers, (1990) “Rediscovering India under the British,” The International History Review, Vol. 12, 3: 548-562.   Indian Colonialism 3Amiya Kumar Bagchi, (1988) “Colonialism and the Nature of Capitalist Enterprise in India,” Economic and Political Weekly, … Continue reading

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